The Calgary Stampede, After the Party is Over, Divorce & Real Estate

Posted by Robert McIntyre on Thursday, July 20th, 2017 at 12:03pm.

The Calgary Stampede is a fun filled 10 days that can strengthen the bond for couples with a strong relationship through shared experiences but for some it is an excuse to tuck their wedding bands in their pockets and forget the commitments that they made to their spouse when they married.

It has often been stated there are two things that happen in the aftermath of the Calgary Stampede:1. The birth rate in Calgary spikes around the month of April, which is exactly nine months after the sexy Stampede: 2. The Divorce rate spikes after fun filled booze induced parties & possibly poor judgement is the tipping point for some already stressed unions. Calgary artist Shaun Doiron once coined the saying “it’s not Cheatin, it’s Stampedin” which means the same as “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas”!

As Real Estate Agents, we are often called in to help as couple’s wade through the process of dividing assets. The family home is the largest asset most people own, so it stands to reason that couples need advice on what to do with it when it becomes real that their marriage is over. In many cases Divorce Lawyers & Mediators like Fairway Divorce often suggest to couples that they have their homes evaluated by a Realtor to determine how much equity there is in the home to help the couple decide fairly what they want to do with it.

If it is decided that the home must be sold, it is extremely important that your Realtor be a completely neutral person or team so that both parties can feel comfortable speaking with the Agent(s).

 Rob & I have both been through a Divorce in our lives and know that it is a tough time for people who are Divorcing.  As Realtor’s helping people through Divorce sales, we do our best to make sure both sides of the couple are kept informed and are comfortable discussing the marketing and sale of their home.  The benefit of using a team like ours is that we understand what you are going through and there are two of us to talk to.  There is absolutely no animosity for either party, it helps that we are a Husband & Wife team as there can be no assumptions made that there is hanky panky with the Realtor.

 We are trained Mediators & Negotiators here to help Divorcing partners through the process of Separation & Divorce. Evaluations are always free & we would love to help mediate the sale of your home on the way to your new life, we can help find you a new place too, Call Rob & Diana McIntyre at 403-710-2877.

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