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The Federal Government under the CMHC program will be introducing a new incentive for First Time Home Buyers beginning on September 2, 2019 with first possessions on November 1, 2019.  The Incentive is available to buyers who have saved a minimum down payment of 5% to qualify for an Insured mortgage.

The Federal Government is offering to top up your down payment by 5% for resale homes or 10% for new homes.  The house price can be no more than $500,000.00 and household income must be no more than $120,000 per year to qualify. 

The benefit of the program according to the Feds is that the top up will lower your payments monthly because of the larger down payment amount. The loan is reported to be interest free and does not need to be paid back until or

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Are you considering finishing your basement or Developing a Garage on your property? The best advise we can give you as Real Estate Agents is to get all the permits required from the municipality you live in! If I had a megaphone I would blast this message from the roof tops, why?

When you sell your home, it is a very sticky wicket if you do not have permits for your basement renovation.  It is an even messier situation if you built a garage and now cannot show evidence that it was built within your property boundary’s & with development permits.

We hear the statement so many times from Sellers “I didn’t get a permit because I did not want to pay more taxes”.  Guess what – Pay the little bit of extra tax- It will be a lot less expensive than having

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