Events to look forward to in 2020

Posted by Robert McIntyre on Tuesday, January 7th, 2020 at 12:12pm.

the start to a new year is a time to embrace 365 fresh beginnings & This Year is Also the start to a new decade! We have the next 10 years to shape the trends, events and questionable hairstyle choices that will forever be associated with the 2020's. Here are a few exciting events to look forward to this year;

1. The 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo 

Everyone loves the Olympics! When else can you and your friends get genuinely excited about beach volleyball? The 2020 games will feature five new sports: Karate, baseball/softball, skateboarding, sports climbing and surfing, as well as a ton of new events in already established categories. The 2020 Olympics are sure to be something you do not want to miss!

2. Movies, Movies & More Movies! 

2020 is going to be a huge year at the box office with sure to be massive hits like the remake of Mulan, a brand new Sonic The Hedgehog, Fast and Furious 9 (yes you read that right, the 9th movie in the franchise will make its debut in 2020) & so many others that will have you running towards the theatre whenever you have a night off!

3. The Mars 2020 Mission

In case the year really doesn’t go your way - maybe you can hitch a ride on the new rover headed for Mars in July or early August. The Mars 2020 rover will join the Curiosity rover on the Red Planet, which hopefully means Curiosity will have a friend to sing Happy Birthday with instead of doing it alone. Any time scientists get to be rock stars is a time worth celebrating, and the Mars 2020 rover is fully tricked out and ready to roll. It has 23 cameras and two microphones to capture the sounds of the rover landing.

4. It’s time to stream (TV that is)

It's truly the dawn of a new television era. Not only will 2020 see the launch of several new streaming services like HBO Maxthere will be a plethora of new shows, reboots and spinoffs to binge in your free time. "Lizzie McGuire" is getting a reboot on Disney+ which has my inner 90’s child heart screaming. "Riverdale” will have its own spinoff with the CW's "Katy Keene” or if you're more dramatically inclined, Stephen King's "The Outsiders" is sure to please on HBO. These are just a few of the hits set to be released in 2020 - for a more in-depth look at what is to come check out CNN Business’ List of The most anticipated movies & shows of 2020.

5. The Opening of Yahoo! Time Capsule 

In 2006, Yahoo invited people to place digital artifacts of what life was like in a virtual time capsule. Participants uploaded tens of thousands of videos, pictures, poems, works of art and other submissions, and the final product was handed over to the Smithsonian Institute in Washington, DC. for safekeeping. The plan is to crack open the capsule (digitally, of course) on Yahoo's 25th birthday, which is in 2020. They better open it carefully: Unsealing that thing may bring forth a whole Pandora's box full of cat memes and cringey MySpace pics. (Yikes)

6. Is there a new hope for peanut allergy sufferers? 

It's 2020, OK? It's about time for some medical breakthroughs to help people suffering from frustrating, sometimes extremely serious conditions like peanut allergies. Every year the Cleveland Clinic counts down the most anticipated advances in medical technology for the coming year, and one of the 2020 contenders is a new immunotherapy treatment for peanut allergies that was recently given the go-ahead by the FTC. The treatment, Palforzia, won't eliminate the allergy altogether but it will train people's immune systems to help avoid serious reactions to accidental exposures, How cool is that! 

This is by no means a conclusive list of all the amazing things happening in 2020. If none of these peaked your interest, try checking out local events happening around your city or community. We wish you an amazing year ahead and hope that this post made you smile & get excited about what is yet to come!

HAPPY 2020!

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