Coronavirus Self-Isolation – Ideas to try at home

Posted by Robert McIntyre on Monday, March 30th, 2020 at 12:19pm.

We know that self-quarantine was not on your 2020 bucket list, but here we are, and we know we are doing the right thing. Transmission of the coronavirus is breathtakingly easy, so much so that some medical experts say that the virus can survive on surfaces for up to three days. The virus needs to be left alone three full days to start breaking down without disinfecting measures. This is why it’s important to not provide coronavirus a free ride to its next vacation destination. 

 We have put together a few activities you can try to make the most of being stuck inside.

  1.     Read five books that you have intended to but just didn’t have the time.

There is more than enough time now, no more excuses. Make a cup of tea, get comfy & start reading!

  1.      Explore within nature 

Walk around outside in the sun at a healthy distance from other humans. Exercise and naturally forming Vitamin D? What could be better?

  1.      Learn to cook 

Now is the time to try that great recipe you saved years ago and create a meal to be proud of. It's a good idea to stock up on pasta, rice, canned vegetables, and spices so that more recipes are within reach (But remember not to hoard!)

  1.     Phone a Friend

With today’s technology it is easier than ever to be face to face with your friends without actually being in the same room. FaceTime, Google Hangouts or Zoom are all great resources that we have at our finger tips!

  1.      Complete a puzzle

The more pieces the better! Feeling extra saucy? Take on a Rubik's Cube. More of a word person? Crossword puzzle it up!

  1.     If you’re feeling blue, Google images of puppies

Because puppies make everything better

  1.     Learn a new skill – Hello YouTube!

YouTube is FULL of video demonstrations of every skill imaginable. Learn to cook, knit, crochet or draw. The options are near endless

  1.     Clean

Now is the time to clean out that closet you have been avoiding for months or give the floors the deep clean they deserve!

  1.     Create an indoor Scavenger Hunt for your little ones

Who doesn’t love a good ole scavenger hunt! Get creative with the clues and keep your littles occupied for an hour or two! (Hello “me” time)

  1.  Dance it out

 Not only is dance a great workout, it is also proven to increase your happiness & improve your mental state. So, put on your favourite jam and get groovin’

Lastly, remember this too shall pass. We will be able to go out, hug our loved ones & enjoy time together once again. but Right now we need to listen to our governments, stay indoors & avoid other (as hard as this is). The quicker we follow the rules, the sooner we will get back to normal

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